Debut CD

Our CD with members of the Canadian Brass is out. If you are interested, email us: triodargento@yahoo.caIMG_0260IMG_0261

Concert February 6th, Gallery 345

Come and hear our all new program on Saturday, Feb 6th, 8pm, Gallery 345!


Trio D'Argento Poster-2

Upcoming Concerts

Our concert month is February!

We’ll be playing February 6th at Gallery 345 in Toronto,

February 12th in the Celebrity Concert Series at MacMaster University, Hamilton

February 13th at the Caledon Chamber Music Series

Our new program encompasses two Classical pieces by Haydn and Kuhlau, two French 20th century gems and two hot dances – one from Sicily and the other one from South America. Hope you can come!

IQC Waterloo workshop

The trio had an initial workshop for a new interdisciplinary project with composer Kevin Lau and professor Thomas Jennewein at the Institute for Quantum Computing in Waterloo – supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

The formulas in Thomas’s office and all around the institute were fascinating – a real mind warp!


Professor Thomas Jennewein was extremely patient and explained some basic tenets of quantum computing very clearly. In the lab Kevin Lau got up close to some fascinating experiments and we got help from Thomas’s graduate student Sascha Agne. There was a lot of brain-storming and laughter. For the final workshop photo we all got in front of the poster featuring Thomas’s research. Now it’s off to work out the ideas for all of us – thank you OAC for making this project possible – it is so inspiring!



New OAC Grant

Trio D’Argento is super pleased that we got another OAC grant to develop our new project with Kevin Lau – composer/Toronto and Thomas Jennewein – professor for quantum physics/Waterloo. First workshop in September!


NEW Photos

Hey, we finally got new press shots for the trio.

Here’s the first one ready to go:

Shane Grey photography, LizPR coordination


McMaster Concert Series

The trio was re-invited to play at McMaster on February 12th 2016.

It’ll be a fun program with Jacques Bondon’s ‘La Soleil Multicolore’, arranged by Peter for the clarinet, Florent Schmitt and Saint-Saens!


The trio is preparing for the upcoming Manidoog performance in Waterloo on March 22nd.